Financial Aid

Merit-Based Scholarship

Duke Kunshan University is committed to enrolling a highly talented, diverse, and international student body. All students are automatically considered for merit scholarships based on their Graduate School application. No additional application is required to be considered for these awards.

Bayeco Environment Fellowship

Bay Environmental Technology (Beijing) Corp (Bayeco) established the first fellowship program to support the iMEP Program at Duke Kunshan University. The establishment of the Bayeco Environment Fellowship will attract more talents with global vision and focus towards environmental challenges to enroll and study at the iMEP Program. The fellowship will create more opportunities for students to experience the global and innovative education model at Duke Kunshan and help to educate the next generation of environmental leaders for China and the world.

Chancellor’s Scholarship

In honor of LIU Jingnan and Mary Bullock, Duke Kunshan University’s inaugural Chancellor and inaugural Executive Vice Chancellor, the scholarship is named “Chancellor's Scholarship” and is the highest honor for incoming Duke Kunshan University students. The Chancellors’ Scholarship is awarded in recognition of demonstrated academic achievement, leadership and overall potential. The scholarship will be awarded to one top incoming student in each degree program, and can be awarded in conjunction with other types of merit-based and need-based scholarships.

Fubon Scholarship

The Fubon Scholarship was created by the Fubon Group, an early supporter of the iMEP Program at Duke Kunshan. The scholarship aspires to groom innovative, skilled agents of change who can offer workable, highly impactful solutions for addressing the world’s most pressing environmental dilemmas and creating a profound, lasting impact on environmental sustainability.

Green Future Fund

The Green Future Fund was established in 2018 by Ms. Ma Lin, an important supporter of the iMEP Program at Duke Kunshan. Ma Lin and Duke Kunshan University share a vision of achieving a sustainable future by educating the next generation of environmental leaders; producing evidence-based, influential research; and cultivating socially and environmentally responsible entrepreneurs. The mission of the Green Future Fund is to provide dedicated financial support for Duke Kunshan University in contributing to a sustainable future in China and beyond.

Guo Tingting Scholarship

All graduate program applicants from developing countries demonstrating financial difficulties will be considered for the scholarship.

Jasmine Jiangsu Government Scholarship

The Jiangsu Provincial Government has set up the "Jasmine Jiangsu Government Scholarship” for international students. At Duke Kunshan University, this scholarship will be provided to those excellent international graduate students.

Need-Based Financial Aid

Citizens of People’s Republic of China are eligible to apply for need-based financial aid if their family financial situation meets the criteria set by Duke Kunshan University. US citizens may apply for need-based financial aid through Duke University by completing the FAFSA. Loan funds are provided through the Federal Direct Unsubsidized and Graduate PLUS programs.

Work-Study Opportunity at Duke Kunshan

Resident Assistant

Resident Assistants (RAs) and Graduate Resident Fellows (GRFs) are student leaders who live on the residence hall floor and serve as a primary resource for students, providing peer help on academic, social, and personal issues; ensuring the health and safety of residents; and building a positive community within the residence hall. The RA position is for one semester, while the GRF position is for one academic year. RAs and GRFs receive training on topics of student development theories, roommate conflict resolution, preventive mental health, programming, assessment, community building, leadership and team work. Currently, all RAs and GRFs receive single- room housing remuneration for their work. For more information on applying, visit Questions about RA should be addressed to

Student Workers

Students enrolled in a Duke Kunshan degree program can work on campus on a variety of activities, from research assistantship to administrative operations. The maximum working hours of the student workers is 40 hours/month. The payment varies depending on the grades of students and type of work. International students may get positions as student workers.