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Undergraduate Programs

The Sanford School of Public Policy educates the next generation of policy professionals in a time when the skill set needed to succeed is changing and government needs professionals more than ever. Its mission is to improve lives and communities by researching the most pressing public policy issues and preparing students for lives of leadership, civic engagement, and public service.

Undergraduate programs follow the policies outlined in The Undergraduate Bulletin.


Public Policy (AB)

Other Undergraduate Programs

Child Policy Research Certificate
Health Policy Certificate
Journalism and Media Minor

Other Undergraduate Experiential Opportunities

Duke in DC provides students with the unique and exciting opportunity to live, work, and study in Washington, DC.

Duke in Glasgow is a public policy study abroad program with the University of Glasgow.

Hart Leadership Program’s Service Opportunity in Leadership (SOL) is an intensive 12-month leadership program for Duke undergraduates that combines academic study, research service learning, mentoring, and leadership training.